Each time you drive on a motorway, overtaking is very easy, as the driving directions are separated through central barriers, and each driving direction offers two or more driving lanes. Since the vehicle speeds are higher, compared with the rest of the road network, the results from an accident during overtaking on the motorway are more severe and consequently you need to take some special precautions.

  • Always overtake from the left.
    When you wish to overtake a vehicle in front, approach and attempt to do so only from its left hand side. Some absentminded, careless or ill-mannered drivers might occupy the left lane without overtaking any  vehicle. Even if this is the case, never overtake from the right hand side. Flash your lights in order to point out to the driver in front to move into the right driving lane.
  • Before doing your maneuver in order to overtake, you have to:
    1. Check if the driver in front is preparing to overtake as well.
    2. Make sure, by glancing in your side mirrors, that the lane which you are driving into in order to overtake, will be free from other vehicles during the whole duration of your overtake maneuver. Any driver behind you should not be forced to change driving lanes or to slow down, because of your planned maneuver

After taking the decision to overtake, you should use your left flashlight and overtake with no further delay.
Pull back into the previous lane immediately after overtaking, as soon as you can see the all of the front vehicle that you are overtaking in your rear view mirror.

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