Driving during adverse weather conditions.

  1. Wind.
    The faster your drive, the easier your vehicle may tumble from a sudden strong airstream. In cases of strong gusts, especially crosswinds, the only way to avoid a sudden tumble from the side is to reduce your speed.
  2. Fog.
    It is certain that, whether on the motorway or on the total road network, in foggy weather conditions, any unexpected incident may cause an accident, i.e. a stuck vehicle, a vehicle veering off its course or suddenly decreasing its speed etc., might be possible risks that in foggy weather might be fatal.

    The motorway, due to its regular tracing and its width, gives a false sense of security during foggy weather, Therefore the drivers have the tendency to drive very fast and with short distance from the     other vehicles.
    Just bring to mind all the multi-vehicle collisions (pile-ups) on motorways, where many vehicles successively collide.

    Therefore, you have to adjust your speed according to the visibility, to maintain longer safety distances and to keep the high beams as well as the fog lights switched on. In certain European countries, the recommended speed limits when the visibility is less than 50 m, is at 50 km/h
  3. Rain.
    The motorways’ surfaces are generally flat and have a large width; therefore the diversion of the run-off water is difficult. Due to this fact, the stopping distances and the sliding risks are increasing. In the event of heavy rain during your journey, you need to slow down your speed and keep longer safety distances. In these cases, you need to keep your high beams or even the front fog lights switched on (if equipped in the car).

    Do not use your rear fog lights (except during fog), as the drivers behind you might be dazzled, and further, they might not be able to perceive your break lights, in case you need to slow down.

    If a drizzle forces you to use your windscreen wipers, you need to take that as an indication to slow down your speed with at least 20 km/h below the maximum allowed speed limit.
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