Driving under influence of alcohol

  • many beers and wines are stronger than the common ones  
  • people drinking at home, drink more than those drinking in bars and restaurants 
  • cocktails are stronger, even though it is not easily perceived as they are ”covered” by many flavors and fruit aromas  
  • even a small amount of alcohol has negative effects on your driving ability 
  • the negative effects of alcohol appear quickly and disappear slowly 
  • the only secure way is to not drink any alcohol if you are planning to drive alcohol is absorbed rapidly by the blood, influencing the brain and the reflexes  
  • the absorption of alcohol will be faster if the stomach is empty  
  • you cannot reduce the effects of alcohol by taking a shower, having some coffee or with any othermethod. You simply have to wait for the body to “clean”.
After consuming half a glass of beer....

  • after 10 minutes, 50% of the alcohol has been absorbed by the blood
  • after 60 minutes, 100% of the alcohol has been absorbed by the blood
If you are drinking in the afternoon...

  • at midnight you will have up to 200mg/100ml of alcohol in your blood
  • the next morning you will have up to 90mg/100ml, and still will not be able to drive with safety 
  • at midday you will have up to 20mg/100ml, and still will not be able to drive with safety
If you have been drinking...

  • you are not able to calculate the correct speed and distance
  • you will not be able to brake in time  
  • you might get involved in an accident, whose statistics show that one out of seven deaths are due to alcohol
Penal and other repercussions
Drinking and driving...

  • might lead you to jail
  • might impose you with heavy fines and driving bans 
  • might have an impact on your criminal record 
  • might increase your insurance premiums 
  • might, in many countries, not let you rent a car 
  • might have an impact on your family life 
  • might seriously injure yourself or someone else
To avoid the repercussions...

  • Do not drive if you have been consuming alcohol 
  • Do not enter a car if a person that have been drinking is driving 
  • Take a taxi or other means of transport  
  • If you are travelling, stay somewhere overnight
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