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Voyager Hellas Rental Cars advises you in case of an accident or an incident how to behave / manage on a case-by-case basis.

Road Accidents:

  • In case an accident occurs during the rental period, the driver must, if able, take care of his own safety and the safety of the passengers.
  • Then he must inform Voyager Hellas Rental Cars, the accident care and the Police.
  • In case the driver does not deal with a traffic accident, the driver must necessarily note the registration number of the vehicle with which he came in contact, the name of the driver, his phone number photos of the incident and the insurance company that covers the other car and immediately inform the person in charge of Voyager Hellas Rental Cars in order to settle the damage.
Mechanical Damage:
  • All Voyager Hellas Rental Cars cars are covered with 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Greece.
  • In case of any damage, the driver calls Voyager Hellas Rental Cars during working hours (08:00 - 19:00) which guides you for roadside assistance in order to check the condition of the damage.If the damage is immediately repairable, then roadside assistance restores it and the lease continues.
  • If the damage is serious and the vehicle needs repair, Voyager Hellas Rental Cars sends a car to replace the originally leased car to the renter.
  • During non-working hours (19:00 - 08:00) the renter addresses roadside assistance and if necessary the replacement of the vehicle is done within 24 hours from the initial notification of the lessee, at the same time he informs the offices of Voyager Hellas Rental Cars in a second time or by email or the next day call the contact numbers available.
  • The replacement time does not exceed 24-48 hours.
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