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Services with Driver

  • Traveling in Athens can be done in a simple way.
  • Any movement of you, your family or your partners is easy and safe.
  • No need to waste time searching, driving and taking risks.

  IGFA Lesvos Rent a Car

Athens by Night

IGFA Lesvos Rent a Car
  • Fun... as much as you want.You don't have to worry about your night out.
  • Our experienced drivers are the ones who will undertake your transportation to any part of Athens to enjoy the picturesque alleys and summer bars.
  • You will not be deprived of the traditional drinks of Greece and you will not be stressed about personal or professional events such as weddings, events, conferences.

Special Event

  • Our services do not stop only at renting the car.
  • We could serve every form of transportation to the important events of your life such as wedding, christening, etc.
  • The bridal car, the transportation of the guests with a Mini Bus, rental packages for the guests is something that does not need to worry you.

Airport & Hotel Services

IGFA Lesvos Rent a Car

  • Our office is the one that will undertake to transport you to and from the port, the airport and even your hotel for your trip to Athens.
  • In cooperation with your hotel, we will take care of your safe and relaxing transportation.

One Way

  • We are flexible, we take you from your point in Athens to the airport or to the largest Ports of Athens.
  • You rent the car from Athens and deliver it all over Greece.
  • Easy, fast and economical. Our experienced staff can transport you if you don't want to drive.
  • It is certain that you will arrive quickly and safely.

IGFA Lesvos Rent a Car

Business Service

IGFA Lesvos Rent a Car

  • Finally, for every business trip to Athens you don't need to drive.
  • Our staff will make sure to be your partner where they will facilitate your jobs.
  • You will not have to search for your clients and the areas in Athens.

*Minimum car rental time 6 hours

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